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Glendale Pale Cream

Summer Bathroom Ceramics

With it's cutting edge design and modern look Summer might be what you are looking for.

York Walnut Bedroom

York Walnut
With the Walnut's natural tones, let us help you create a sumptuous bedroom.

Harmony Lissa Oak Bedroom

Harmony Lissa Oak
The clue is in the name, create perfect Harmony with this timeless look of Oak matched with this beautiful contemporary door design.

Chester White Oak Bedroom

Chester White Oak
Do you have a vision of calm and tranquility when you enter your bedroom? Then this White Oak effect door might be what you are looking for. With its subtle door contours and painted effect will help you accentuate the setting you are going to create.

Hampton Matt Mussel Bedroom

Hampton Matt Mussel
With the classic four panel design and painted look this mixture of Matt Mussel sits well with vintage oak.

Matfen Light Grey Oak & Graphite Oak Bedroom

Matfen Light Grey Oak & Graphite Oak
This versatile door range will work with any colour combination and design.

Glacier Super Matt White & Fjord Bedroom

Glacier Super Matt White & Fjord
This lovely Super Matt White colour is a blank canvas to add your own splash of colour to your room.

Glacier Super Matt Light Grey Bedroom

Glacier Super Matt Light Grey
Why not introduce more than one texture into your bedroom? Here we have created the combination of the smooth Matt Light Grey colour, all framed with a rustic woodgrain.

Glacier High Gloss White & Metallic Champagne Bedroom

Glacier High Gloss White & Metallic Champagne
Mix and match the high gloss colours to make your own style and inject your own personality into your bedroom

Glacier High Gloss Cashmere Bedroom

Glacier High Gloss Cashmere
With its elegant soft tone of cashmere why not try this modern approach to styling?

    The bedroom is arguably the most important room in the house. It’s the one that’s most personal to you and gives you the most opportunity to express yourself. You might be tempted to skimp on time and money when it comes to bedrooms, because no one else will see them. But having a new bedroom fitted can make a world of difference, not only to the value of your home, but to the way you feel

    Feel the need to update your bedroom? We’ll help you choose the best bespoke bedroom for your home. We also supply bedrooms for commercial and trade customers. Get in touch with JMT today to arrange a home visit within 50 miles of Carlisle and get a no obligation bespoke bedroom quote. Give us a call on 01228 791909 to arrange a visit now.

    What are the benefits of getting a new bedroom?

    It’s easy to take for granted as a space you use every day, but getting new bedrooms fitted can have numerous benefits. Not only will new bedrooms increase the value of your home and give you a more attractive space to live in, there are also less obvious advantages that you can enjoy.

    Improved storage - plenty of things get stored in your bedroom, so it’s important to have adequate storage. You may have more possessions to store than you did when your current bedroom was done, so adding more wardrobes or cupboards can really help keep the space tidy. More efficient and innovative storage could also improve the look of the room, making it seem less cluttered.

    Important for your health - sleep is essential to your health, and the better you sleep, the better you feel during the day. Improving your bedroom is an excellent way of increasing the quality of your sleep. Having a bedroom that’s easy to keep clutter free and has soothing colours can make for a better night’s sleep.

    A place of privacy - the bedroom is one of the only places in the house that’s just for you. So by updating your bedroom, you give yourself and your partner a more pleasant space to spend some alone time.

    Not sure what you want exactly? Why not have a look at some of these bedrooms we did earlier:

    If you don’t need your whole bedroom redone, but still want to add something fresh, have a look at our bespoke bedroom furniture.

    Why use JMT for your new bedroom?

    Because we’ll give you a bedroom that’s simply something else. All of our bedrooms are bespoke and handmade, so whatever style of bedroom you want it will be unique to you.

    After you arrange a free visit from JMT, we’ll come by to measure up and discuss with you what you want. We’ll look at your budget and work out how to give you a bedroom you’ll love within your budget.

    We’ll look at how much space you have and come up with something that uses it efficiently.

    Our team will keep you up to date with how your new bedroom is coming along, so you’ll never be in the dark about how long’s left.

    As well as supplying and fitting bedrooms ourselves, we also supply bedrooms for commercial and trade customers. So if you’re a property developer, joiner or distributor we can help you. For trade customers home visits and measuring up are not necessary, simply give us the relevant measurements you have already taken and we’ll give you a quote without those costs included.

    Fancy making a change to the most important room in your home? At JMT we’ll guide you through every step of the process, from helping you decide what’s best for your home, to fitting your made to measure bedroom. With over 30 years’ experience under our belt, you can rest assured we know what we’re doing. Get in touch today to arrange a home visit (within 50 miles of Carlisle) to discuss your new bespoke bedroom. Give us a call on 01228 791909 to speak sooner.

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